Timetable: Research Seminar ‘Global Multiplicity’

November 02, 2023

Time: on Tuesdays, 14–16 h (starting 7 Nov 2023)
Place: Kleiner Seminarraum
Format: in-class and online (see timetable below)
Lecturer: Patrick Desplat

Course description:
This seminar fosters 'transversal thinking' through lectures and instruction by guest lecturers, both local and international, who offer their insights and engage in reading events with the students. Active participation in these seminars enables students to cultivate comprehensive knowledge, refine critical analysis skills, and partake in meaningful discussions with peers and experts.

The second segment of the seminar is dedicated to equipping students with an understanding of and proficiency in research design within social anthropology. Research design entails the formulation of a plan detailing how a research project will be executed and how the evidence will be utilized to address the research question. Consequently, the latter portion of this course is primarily focused on crafting well-structured research inquiries and transforming them into systematic projects that yield
valuable and noteworthy outcomes.

Date Topic Lecturer Remarks Format
7 Nov 2023 Introduction to ‘Political Potentials’
and ‘Global Multiplicity’
Ursula Rao in-class
14 Nov 2023 ‘Lenticular Realities’ Ghassan Hage in-class
21 Nov 2023 Imaginary, sampling, concepts:
The recursive nature of
anthropological research
Patrick Desplat The puzzle and the idea:
An introduction to the
research design of
anthropological research
28 Nov 2023 ‘Economic Re-ordering’ Biao Xiang in-class
5 Dec 2023 ‘Legal Complexity and Justice’ Marie-Claire
12 Dec 2023 CANCELLED –
due to SAB meeting
19 Dec 2023 Conceptualizing social life Patrick Desplat Or: What is theory?
How to conceptualize
during research?
9 Jan 2024 The puzzle and the research
Patrick Desplat How to ask the right
questions? The entanglement
of the problématique
and research questions.
16 Jan 2024 Sleep and sleeplessness in
social anthropology
Julia Vorhölter in-class
23 Jan 2024 Writing a literature review Patrick Desplat Organizing your research and
building a comprehensive
30 Jan 2024 Ethics and research
data management
Patrick Desplat/
Jovan Maud
Part of the 3-day Course “Ethics
and Research Data
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